Cheaters Prosper in America

One thing I have noticed is that cheaters prosper in American business. As someone who struggles to operate an honest business that delivers on all of our promises it is painful to see the people who cheat and cut corners and are successful.

One cheater is a sleazy competitor of mine that offers low cost marketing services… but does absolutely no work. If you searched their name you see endless bad reviews but people go with them anyways because they are cheap.
Another company I worked with is a gold buyer. Those businesses are extremely scammy as they generally only pay 1/10th the price of the gold. The owners had horrible personalities too.

At a larger scale there are huge companies that are patent trolls, abusing our broken patent system to extort small companies out of money. Even Microsoft and Apple joined together to create a patent troll to target Google with Nortels old patents.

SAC Capital came to my university to recruit students and I recall their recruiters being extremely snobby… and now it has turned out all of their success was based on insider training. Their billionaire owner has something like $9 billion and only has to pay $1.2 billion. He will look at that as the cost of doing business and cheat again in the future.

Our screwy legal system protects and helps cheaters do their thing. The only reward for running an honest business like Coalition is a clear conscience.

Published by

Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.