Dinner with Brother Jordan & Sister-in-Law Meghan

Last night, I had my brother Jordan and his wife Meghan over to my studio apartment in Seattle for dinner.‚  Since it is still rather wintry and cold outside, I made up a pretty hearty meal.‚  Our appetizer was Italian crackers with fresh goat cheese and olive & pepper bruschetta on top.‚  The main course was italian chicken sausage with red peppers, pretty rich mashed potato casserole and sauteed brussell sprouts (a million times better than boiled brussel sprouts).‚ … read more “Dinner with Brother Jordan & Sister-in-Law Meghan”

Benjamin Button

Tonight I watched Benjamin Button by myself at home.‚  Made me think about the changes wrought by time.‚  Nothing stays the same.‚  Our cultures strict, unwritten separation of people by age saddens me.‚  I never see children or old people.‚  I think we would be happier if we could see and interact with all stages of life.‚ … read more “Benjamin Button”

Michael Hesemar Stands Trial Thursday for Allegedly Killing Fred Stephens III

As many of you know, Fred Stephens‘ life was sadly cut short last year.‚  His alleged murderer, Michael Hesemar, will finally begin trial on Thursday March 5, 2009.‚  Anyone who can make it down to support his family at the trial should do so.‚  I am going to try to go down on Friday if I can get the time off of work.‚ … read more “Michael Hesemar Stands Trial Thursday for Allegedly Killing Fred Stephens III”

American Economy Getting Hammered: What Should You Do?

Due to the stupidity of political and business leaders in America, we are facing a depression.‚  Since I was a junior in high school in 2001, I have been telling everyone who would listen that the United States was going to tumble very hard if many policies weren’t changed.‚  Our government stuck its fingers into regulation and mucked up the stock market, housing market, job market and corporate governance.‚ … read more “American Economy Getting Hammered: What Should You Do?”

Review of Seattle Opera’s Bluebeard’s Castle & Erwartung

Plato, one of his law school buddies and I went and watched the Seattle Opera put on Bluebeard’s Castle and Erwartung last night.‚  It was my first time going to the opera and I really enjoyed it.‚  Beautiful voices, great orchestra and fun plots.‚  I liked Bluebeard’s Castle more, but I think Plato & his buddy liked Erwartung better.‚ … read more “Review of Seattle Opera’s Bluebeard’s Castle & Erwartung”