The Incompetence of Regence Blue Shield

Guest opinion blog post by Jordan.

This post is a recounting of my experience with Regence Blue Shield of Washington ( A horribly unpleasant experience. At the moment we’re still working through this experience. But it contains some information worth sharing, some cautionary tales, and some personal opinions on healthcare in the US today.
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Dinner with Brother Jordan & Sister-in-Law Meghan

Last night, I had my brother Jordan and his wife Meghan over to my studio apartment in Seattle for dinner.‚  Since it is still rather wintry and cold outside, I made up a pretty hearty meal.‚  Our appetizer was Italian crackers with fresh goat cheese and olive & pepper bruschetta on top.‚  The main course was italian chicken sausage with red peppers, pretty rich mashed potato casserole and sauteed brussell sprouts (a million times better than boiled brussel sprouts).‚ … read more “Dinner with Brother Jordan & Sister-in-Law Meghan”

Heather isn’t at fault

I just read Jordan’s blog entry on Justin staying in school. Jordan’s absolutely correct, Justin must stay in school.

However, I hate how everyone in our family always blames other people when they fail in their responsibilities. If Justin fails in school, it’ll be his own damned fault. He is the idiot who decided he needed to waste his money on a single, he is the one who made a decision to drop a class, he is the one who allows himself to be distracted constantly.… read more “Heather isn’t at fault”

Message from Josh… Never been as proud of one of my bros

Just wanted to thank you for some things,

Lately I have seen the many contradictions the Christian religion has, and it’s many contradictions it makes with itself. I think somewhere inside I’m still trying to cling onto the faith, but every day I begin to see the truth more and more. The only reason I ever really was a Christian was because it made myself feel good to think that there was something out there that could perform a miracle to make my life better, but now I realize all I needed to do was do it more “Message from Josh… Never been as proud of one of my bros”