Message from Josh… Never been as proud of one of my bros

Just wanted to thank you for some things,

Lately I have seen the many contradictions the Christian religion has, and it’s many contradictions it makes with itself. I think somewhere inside I’m still trying to cling onto the faith, but every day I begin to see the truth more and more. The only reason I ever really was a Christian was because it made myself feel good to think that there was something out there that could perform a miracle to make my life better, but now I realize all I needed to do was do it myself. Also, we were drilled with religion since we we’re young, and told we would go to hell if we didn’t agree with what God/Bible said. I feel free now, like I took off a heavy weight on my shoulders, it feels better than (deleted lol). Even I now realize how dumb it is to say “cuss” words are bad, people that said they’re bad were the ones who made them bad, after all they’re just words. (Personal… deleted.) And I look forward to satisfy my need for woman, just need to stay safe (hahahhahaha… he’s my blood for sure 😉 ). I wanted to thank you for helping me get out of this religious suck.


Seeing this message blew my mind. I was Josh’s age when I really started to question religion and it was one of the toughest, most thought out decisions I’ve ever made when I moved on to better pastures. For me, it was a process of going back and forth inside my head for several years. I didn’t really start to settle the issues to till I was 16 and it took me two more years to muster the courage and strength of purpose to tell everyone I knew. At that time, every person in my life was religious (entire family and I attended a religious school, so all my friends were the same way). Joshua has thought it out and announced to everyone he knows at the very young age that he will not bow to brainwashing and superstition any longer. He still lives with my abusive father, Randall Gross, and probably will have to put up with a lot of harassment from him and all the other religious people in his life. Josh is a stud though and should be alright. He posted this on his myspace:


As of late I have decided not to join the Freemasons. This is because I do not meet one of the requirements: believe in a Supreme Being. I have lately been questioning the Christian faith. And as I begin to question the religion I realize its many flaws ( contact me and I will tell you why). The only reason why I was ever Christian was because it was drilled into my head that if I wasn’t Christian I would go to Hell, I feel the only reason why I stuck with it until now was out of a fear, but now I see how the religion contradicts itself countless times ( again please contact me again and I will tell you why).

Thank you,


Josh is my new hero.

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  1. Be careful what you wish for. There are strong arguments for and against both positions. If you push Josh in a particular direction without encouraging him to spend the time and thought and energy than you are just as guilty as Dad. Whoops! I just compared you to Dad.


  3. So your rebellion against Christianity is really rebellion against abusive dad who was Christian and sent you to Christian schools?

  4. Joel, I dont know how your Dad abuse you but I’ve been sexually abuse many times by
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    Christ bless you son

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