Dinner with Brother Jordan & Sister-in-Law Meghan

Last night, I had my brother Jordan and his wife Meghan over to my studio apartment in Seattle for dinner.‚  Since it is still rather wintry and cold outside, I made up a pretty hearty meal.‚  Our appetizer was Italian crackers with fresh goat cheese and olive & pepper bruschetta on top.‚  The main course was italian chicken sausage with red peppers, pretty rich mashed potato casserole and sauteed brussell sprouts (a million times better than boiled brussel sprouts).‚  We shared a bottle of merlot with the appetizers and each had a beer with the main meal.‚  Good times.

Jordan and Meghan are doing well.‚  I have three younger brothers, Jordan is the next eldest.‚  Jordan is still working as an upscale furniture salesman, making good money but looking for something new.‚  Meghan is about to start her old job of merchandising various stores again soon.‚  It sounds like they still intend to follow their silly plan of building a house, even though buying a house is much cheaper right now and prices will continue to go down.

We discussed our other two brothers as well.‚  Justin is supposed to be starting up at the UW again, after a layoff he unfortunately forgot to tell me about.‚  Good kids, even if they are a little confused at times.

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Joel Gross

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