Salumi Seattle: Mind-Blowingly Good Sandwiches & Meats

Ian, my chef friend,‚  as told me about this place Salumi in Pioneer Square for several months but I had never made it down.‚  Finally, I looked Salumi up today and realized it is less than a block away from where I work so I stopped by at lunch time. I ordered the Finocchiona sandwich on traditional olive bread with mozzarella and grilled onions.‚  Finocchiona is a salami made of cracked fennel, black pepper and a touch of curry.

My god.‚  Salumi is incredibly good.‚  I even ordered an extra container of their Salumi salami just to share with my coworkers.‚  On their wall, Salumi had an article in which Anthony Bourdain called them “the Pacific Northwest’s best eatery”.‚  The owners are the parents of famous chef Mario Batali… they must have taught him everything he knows.

I strongly recommend anyone who passes through Pioneer Square to stop and eat at Salumi.‚  It is only open though at lunchtime from 11am to 4pm.‚  Happy eating!

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.