Funny Old Emails

I picked a random time period in my email to review and reflect back upon. Turned out to be December 2013. Thousands of emails, but a few stuck out and grabbed my attention. I like to think I have improved as a people person / people manager since this point:

Email from me to my ex: “Choose: the business or me?”. Her response: “Hands down biz you’re a terrible man”. Also – tons of emails of me trying to work with her (she was a very difficult person). I am way too hard-headed… would have been smarter for everyone to make a change far earlier than I did.

Another email with feedback from an employee exit interview:

  • Knows that Coalition is really vested in doing the work / putting in the effort. Many other companies are scam artists.
  • Good people (great people).
  • Disconnect between company we are and company we want to be. Say we want big clients, but don’t put effort in when we have a big client opportunity.
  • Turnover is consistent problem.
  • Feels that management is vested in the team.
  • Likes work environment- feels like we have a good team. Atmosphere.

Another email from that time – the only month in the history of the company that we lost a bit of money.

Another email from my Director of Digital Strategy to my production team:

The prettiest SEO graph you’ll ever see.

200 visits a day at kickoff.
2,000 visits a day now.

(This is just organic google).

Thanks guys!

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