7 Common SEO Mistakes on Your E-Commerce Site

You’ve done a ton of work to get your e-commerce site up and running. Now the last thing you want to do is sabotage your progress with inadvertent SEO killers.

Unfortunately, having a good looking site and excellent products isn’t enough to succeed on the internet. Business SEO matters a great deal, as does some basic knowledge on how search engines find, sort, and categorize things.

Here are a few tips that can keep your site at optimal searchability.

Pay Attention to Those Products!

Product descriptions are one of the main culprits to watch out for to keep your business SEO optimized.

  • Provide product descriptions: Even though product pages are far down in your site index, make sure you have a product description there. Photos aren’t enough, search engines need a certain number of words in order to rank your product well.
  • Unique product descriptions: What’s wrong with using the description that the manufacturer wrote? Well, that’s duplicate content. Search engines don’t like that, they like unique. Spend the few dollars necessary to get unique product descriptions. If you can’t for some reason, at least set no-index Meta tags to keep the search engines from indexing those pages without original content.
  • Leverage public opinion: Set your site up to encourage customer comments. They are 100% original (happy search engines), 100% free (happy web owners), and 100% trust building (happy customers).

Title Tags and URLs

When it comes to title tags and URLs, the business SEO need for uniqueness continues.

  • Make search details such as brand name, descriptive words, even product numbers, are all part of your title tag.
  • Keep your title tags unique. Using the manufacturer’s product title tag will be seen by search engines as duplicate content and given a poor search ranking.
  • Ensure that your URLs are keyword rich and relevant to your products. A URL that makes sense to your customers makes for high usability, and high usability creates….

Sorting Repetitive Content

Between overlapping search terms and comprehensive product descriptions, it is easy to end up with repetitive content on a large e-commerce site. Smart business SEO suggests it may behoove you to assign priority for the search engines by utilizing canonical tags. This designates certain pages as the page you want recognized in a search.

While Google offers no guarantee, they do attempt to respect noted canonical pages.

Bringing it all Together

Juggling all these considerations can be quite a lot of work! Certainly keep these things in mind as you continue to add product and blog content to your e-commerce site, but also consider running a business SEO campaign.

At Coalition Technologies, we run just such campaigns for our clients. And as a result, their e-commerce sites are streamlined to perfection and experience a significant rise in search rankings. We really do hit home runs for our clients every day.

If you would like to check out the possibility of putting our expertise to work for you, contact us at 1-888-652-0637 for a free quote.

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