The Top Ten Services SEO Can Offer Your Business

Search engines employ incredibly complex algorithms that measure a wide array of website characteristics to determine what sites make it to the top of the organic search rankings. With all of those website characteristics being measured, it goes without saying that SEO marketing needs to address a variety of factors in order to be effective. Traditionally, SEO has been about building up site content, implementing keywords, establishing inbound links and performing other tweaks, but the discipline has long since expanded to other functions. Here are the top ten services that an SEO services company can provide for your business.

1.  Traditional Keyword Analysis

The traditional process of analyzing keyword usage and applying it to your content still applies, however the specifics have definitely changed. SEO firms are careful not to overstuff their copy with keywords, and getting actual keyword data can prove tricky, since the largest search engines are obscuring keyword data in the name of privacy. There are some still tricks for getting around this, and PPC marketing always nets plenty of good keyword and usage data as well.

2. Link Building

Link building is yet another service still in use in the SEO world, but this process has changed as well. An SEO services company has to take care to avoid link farms and other dubious link-building methods, as these efforts may incur Google penalties. This service is intended to build quality links from trusted sites to improve rankings.

3. Content

Content is playing an increasingly critical  role in SEO services. Google’s latest algorithm changes, as epitomized by the Hummingbird update, emphasize natural language searches and rich content that benefits the user. Rich, engaging content is in increasing demand because it makes an enormous difference to search rankings.

4. Web Design

Google algorithms take into account your web design and the organization of your web pages as well. On top of that, you want to make sure you have professional web design that gives your visitors a quality experience so that they become paying customers. Google tracks these things as well. A good SEO services company will place at least some emphasis on web design.

5. Graphic Design

Graphic design is sort of an indirect aspect of SEO, but just as important all the same. Humans overwhelmingly process visual information much better than they do textual, and it keeps them engaged. Skilled SEO makes use of good graphic design to keep users engaged and coming back, which reduces your bounce rate and positively affects your rankings.

6. Local Search

Many SEO marketers forget to optimize for local search, which can result in a large amount of missed traffic and conversion opportunity. An SEO services company worth their salt should optimize for all the searches put in by the demographics you are trying to reach in your geographic location(s).

7. Mobile Design

When half of shoppers report using their mobile devices to shop, you know you have a fairly large audience to capture. If you aren’t optimizing your website for mobile, or providing some sort of mobile app, you are missing out on crucial traffic streams.

8. Social Media

Another excellent service that an SEO services company can provide is social media marketing. Social media activity contributes to search engine rankings, and it also reinforces other ranking metrics as well, since you are building up a base of committed, loyal return customers.

9. Reputation Management

Reputation management is a service that uses the power of SEO, and other PR techniques, to maintain the reputation you want to be visible online, which of course contributes to overall traffic as well as repeat traffic.

10. Branding

Branding is what makes your product or service memorable and visible in a crowded marketplace. A good brand impresses itself on customers, making them more likely to recognize your products, visit your website, and return for more, which further contributes to your search engine rankings as well.

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