Become a Better Developer in 4 Easy Steps

In today’s busy web world, a surprising number of developers are self-taught. Maybe they want to build their idea and don’t have money to hire someone. Maybe they just like knowing how to do things themselves. Whatever the motivation, in they plunge, head first. Patiently figuring out what works and what doesn’t with hours of reading and careful learning.… read more “Become a Better Developer in 4 Easy Steps”

Choosing a Font for Your Logo

Picking a font for your logo can be an almost excruciating process! As if colors and designs weren’t enough, now you have to worry about the shape of the letters in your logo? Why, oh why do people have to be such complex, demanding creatures?

Let’s get all psychological for a few minutes.

Here’s the Bottom Line

When someone looks at your logo, font and all, you want them to feel your brand.… read more “Choosing a Font for Your Logo”

Defining Your Los Angeles Corporate Identity

Defining your Los Angeles corporate identity is a pivotal cornerstone to building your business. Online or off, you need an image, a brand, a logo…an entire identity that:

  • feels true;
  • is memorable; and
  • can be used in multiple advertising and publicity methods.

Where do you start? Start with yourself.

What do YOU Think of You?

Sit down with all of your founding documents.… read more “Defining Your Los Angeles Corporate Identity”

Ikea Rethinks its Logo Design

What are some of the most recognizable business logos in the world? McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Starbucks, Apple, Google, Lexus… There are a lot, and anyone who knows anything about advertising can tell you that being immediately recognizable is a business gold mine!

Whether you were around for the beginning of a business or not, usually a company’s logo has its roots in early meaning.… read more “Ikea Rethinks its Logo Design”