Shopify’s Pop-Up Shop

Pop-up shops can serve up a brilliant splash of color in just about any company’s crisp, black and white business plan. They are a great way to present new tools or widgets to your customer base and kick start your product line.

Shopify recently ran a 4-day pop-up shop that revolutionized typical methods and goals of these advertising ventures. Whether you are a Shopify customer or not, the marketing brilliance put into this project is something we can all learn from.

What is a Pop-up Shop Anyway?

When a company wants to introduce itself or its products to an area, a temporary, or pop-up shop is one way to do it. The shop may last a weekend or a whole season, and be a small or large display. Whatever its duration or size, the shop will be temporary.

If you have a brick and mortar store, a pop-up shop can widen your audience and expand your network of business contacts. If you are exclusively online, it serves to promote your business in the area where the pop-up shop is located.

Considering that thousands of shoppers can see your pop-up shop in a single weekend, the sheer exposure and advertising potential are sky high.

What did Shopify do Differently?

Typically, the goal of a pop-up store is to sell. Completely understandable, right? We didn’t go through all this preparation just to show up and look good. But Shopify upped the game at their pop-up shop in Toronto when they shifted the focus away from sales and instead toward education:

  • Training on how to set up their products
  • Education on complementary skills aimed at helping their customers thrive
  • Workshops from partners whose products and services enhance Shopify’s own

In a word, the goal was success. Their customers’ success. And that simple, market-accurate goal resulted in tons of accolades and requests for them to do it again.

Cool Idea! May I Borrow It?

Yes, please do. At its heart, this is what marketing is: meeting your audience’s needs. You meet those needs and your bottom line will take care of itself many times over.

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