Choosing a Font for Your Logo

Picking a font for your logo can be an almost excruciating process! As if colors and designs weren’t enough, now you have to worry about the shape of the letters in your logo? Why, oh why do people have to be such complex, demanding creatures?

Let’s get all psychological for a few minutes.

Here’s the Bottom Line

When someone looks at your logo, font and all, you want them to feel your brand. So what is it that you want them to feel?

Let’s think about a couple of examples:

  1. YouTube: There’s You all by itself. Independent. Then there’s Tube, enclosed in a screen (anyone remember the phrase boob tube?). Put together, you get a channel about you.

And the font? Clean and approachable, since the videos here can be created and produced by anybody.

  1. Caterpillar: One word with a pile of dirt in front of it, yet recognizable anytime, anywhere. The pile of dirt references what they do, and the bold, capitalized font makes it feel like, with determination, you could make that pile of dirt yourself. All you need is a cool machine.

Both of these companies want the viewer to feel that they could get things done using their product. Not too simple of a font, not too formal, just straight forward accomplishment.

Would you hire a law firm that used a hand-written font all over their letterhead and business cards? Or an after-school kindergarten program with a sign printed in gothic calligraphy?

Not likely. Script Matters.

What do you want your audience to feel when they look at your logo?

What a Los Angeles Logo Designer can do for You

Large companies, like Google and Boeing, have huge marketing departments and advertising. For one of the big guys, developing or changing a logo is easy, considering they have everything they need in house.

What about you? You need the same research data and market knowledge to make informed decisions on logo font that multi-million dollar companies need. Except your budget likely reaches red much quicker than theirs.

Have you talked to a Los Angeles logo designer?

Web designers work in online marketing, therefore part of their job is to be up to date on all the latest market results and psychology. When you hire a Los Angeles logo designer, you get all the knowledge you need to make a sound logo font decision.

Take a moment to flip through our portfolio at Coalition Technologies. Then read our customer reviews. We are proud of our design team and the astounding results we have gotten for our clientele.

As far as budget goes, we keep our prices such that we remain accessible to businesses of all sizes.

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