Defining Your Los Angeles Corporate Identity

Defining your Los Angeles corporate identity is a pivotal cornerstone to building your business. Online or off, you need an image, a brand, a logo…an entire identity that:

  • feels true;
  • is memorable; and
  • can be used in multiple advertising and publicity methods.

Where do you start? Start with yourself.

What do YOU Think of You?

Sit down with all of your founding documents. The ones from your garage band days when you were dreaming about how you would make a mark, fill a need and change the world. Read them over, both by yourself and with other members of the corporation.

Do they still feel right, or have you developed in a different direction? Will those original ideas and ideals get you to the future you want? If not, re-calibrate.

What do OTHERS Think of You?

Now get an outside perspective. This is the business equivalent of getting a friend’s opinion on your outfit. You’ve put together something you think is good, but what does someone else think? Does your business plan make your butt look big? Or is it a flattering fit?

Take polls, do interviews, compile outside opinions and look for discrepancies. If your intended message isn’t being received, change it.

Learn From the Open Market

It’s likely you’ve seen a company (or six) similar to yours. Go find those companies and study their identity and branding. How do they utilize it? Is their identity clear? How do their customers respond to them?

Take note of what their identity looks like in action. Harvest the ideas you like and use them shamelessly.

What are Your Goals?

Undoubtedly, your long-term goal is to get rich and be admired from the far reaches of the universe. But there are likely a couple of steps to take between where you are now, and that final, grand position.

Develop short- and medium-term goals for the future that are based on multiple perspectives. You need a newbie, as well as a founding members’ thoughts. You need entry level as well highest level administration. The value to be found in diverse points of view is immeasurable!

Brainstorm and Create

Once you’ve worked out the kinks in your image and goals, start brainstorming to find ways to manifest your Los Angeles corporate identity. Develop colors, images and fonts that embody who you are as a company and will reach your intended customer base.

Then get busy deploying your image both online and off.

Check and Re-check

Be sure you come back later and re-evaluate. Make sure your Los Angeles corporate identity is still in alignment with your company goals and customers alike.

It’s Hard!

Developing a Los Angeles corporate identity can be difficult.

At Coalition Technologies, we specialize in identity development. We can help you pinpoint the exact words and images that bring your desired brand to life.

With our impressive portfolio and 99% customer satisfaction rating, we are sure we can provide the creative genius you need to develop a business identity you can succeed with.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.