Thanks, Value Windows and Doors: My Window Replacement Story

Having the windows in your home replaced is an inevitable part of long-term home ownership, but it is still something that many homeowners fear. I should know, because I was one of them, until I had my windows replaced by Value Windows and Doors—a window and door company that was recommended by a friend, who had a good experience with the company’s products and service.

I Needed Flexibility

Like most homeowners, my biggest fear about window replacement was monetarily-based. I had heard about window replacement jobs costing tens of thousands of dollars, and I knew I didn’t have that kind of money to spend on windows. So, I decided that I would make do with my home’s windows from the 1960’s while I scrimped and saved enough money to at least pay for a good portion of the cost.

About a year into my savings plan, a close friend asked me why I didn’t just have a hear to heart with a door and window company to see if they could work out a plan I could afford. As far as I knew, every door and window company had flat prices for products and installation. As it turns out, not all of them operate that way. My friend said Value Windows and Doors was flexible, and he was right.



The Free Inspection

I knew the inspection of my windows would be free, but I was still nervous on the day of the inspection. I knew my windows needed replacement, and I had visions of five-figure project bids dancing in my head.

After an hour long examination of the windows and doors in my home, the inspector provided me with an in-depth explanation about why my home needed replacement windows and the benefits that would come from installing them. The Value Windows and Doors installer quoted a ballpark price that was lower than I expected and – just as my friend had told me – promised we could work out a plan to get the windows I needed at a price I could handle. Within a week, a deal was reached.

The Installation Phase

To me, switching out all the exterior windows in a home sounds like a long, noisy, tedious construction project. But hey, in the business I’m in, most things get done with a few keystrokes or mouse clicks. To my surprise, I was told the installers would have the job done in a day. I was so interested to see how that could be done, I decided to take the day off work to watch the installation process.

On installation day, installers from Value Windows and Doors showed up at 9 a.m. driving a truck that contained windows that were designed to fit the window spaces in my house. I would later learn that this is a big reason why the installations tend to go so quickly: because the windows are custom made for the spaces. They slip right in and are sealed permanently in place without delay.

The installers had clearly knew what they were doing. They marched intently from window space to window space, removing the old windows with special tools and installing the replacements soon after. The job took about six hours—far quicker than I ever thought possible. After the job was done, a final inspection was made, and my house was set with new windows.

Talk About Serendipity

Before Value Windows and Doors installed my new widows, I was not a savvy homeowner who did research about home construction or who to hire for the job. Only later did I find out how good my new windows really were in terms of energy efficiency. Six months after having them installed, I have saved hundreds of dollars on energy bills—money I’m saving for other home projects.

The company I decided to hire based on a friend’s advice just happened to have multiple certifications from rating organizations like Energy Star and Enviro Sealed, and they custom make their products instead of outsourcing the process to a third party manufacturer. While I did have to pay a bit upfront, I’m already earning it back in energy savings on my utility bills. When it comes time to outfit my house with new exterior doors, I think I know which company I’m going to call: Value Windows and Doors.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.