No Unions Allowed for Government Employees

We have a serious problem: Our government expenses are ballooning out of control.

One of the primary causes of this is unions of government employees aggressively negotiating for higher pay and benefit for members. Here in LA for example, one friends father retired from the police force with a $135,000 per year pension every year for the rest of his life at age 55.

How do government employees get such great deals that no one in the private sector gets? Government unions negotiate with politicians who they put into office in the first place. The politicians are spending money that is not their own – it’s the taxpayers.

It’s an unfair and unequal situation – the taxpayers are not represented, but have their money stolen at gunpoint. The government unions are strongly represented by extraordinarily talented attorneys who aggressively fight to take as much as they can.

We need to disband all government employee unions as they are an abuse on the system.

Published by

Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.