Owning Your Own Home is Even More Stupid Than Owning Servers

Almost everyone in tech now agrees that running your own servers is a bad idea. If the internet in your office goes down, or if a server crashes, or software upgrade is done wrong your website crashes. It is far easier and cheaper to simply host it on AWS or 1and1 or any of the hundreds of other providers who will guarantee uptime and take care of all of these issues for you.… read more “Owning Your Own Home is Even More Stupid Than Owning Servers”

California Approves Statewide Rent Control to Ease Housing Crisis – The New York Times


This is really bad policy… Treating the symptom while making the root problem worse.

The core issue is there is not enough good housing for everyone in California.

The real solution is to greatly loosen building regulation and make getting permits much faster and easier statewide. Then entrepreneurs will double or triple the housing supply and drop the costs of renting or buying a home by 80%.… read more “California Approves Statewide Rent Control to Ease Housing Crisis – The New York Times”

Google Attacked

I hate this ongoing PR attack on Google now being joined by politically ambitious state AG’s. Google has done more positive things than any other company over the last twenty years. Instead of targeting bad companies that destroy people’s lives (think gambling or alcohol or junk food), they are trying to destroy the company that gave us free search, maps, and email.

UVA Medical Center has sued former patients for over $106 million in medical debts – The Washington Post


This is not the fault of UVA, it’s a non-profit. This is not the fault of insurers.

Doctors who restrict competition in their field are at fault. These people make millions of dollars a year offering many times what could be done by a seamstress, mechanic, or pharmacist level person. We need to break the AMA trade union that has stolen so much from Americans.