40 Blog Post Ideas to Beat Writers Block

  1. Write about tips or techniques that would be helpful to others
  2. Share your opinions on something: sports, religion, politics, business
  3. Write about your current life and events
  4. Describe your current workouts and physical activities
  5. Interview interesting people
  6. Share your biggest ideas for changing the world
  7. Find something unique about your life and write about it
  8. Discuss whether a blogger should publish personally unflattering photos
  9. Write about something that makes you excited or angry 
  10. Post your ideas for blog post ideas
  11. Create a top 10 list
  12. Write a how to document
  13. Post photos
  14. Do a link roundup of the most interesting stuff on the web in the last day/week/month/year
  15. Write about current events in the news
  16. Post polls for people to vote on something
  17. Run a contest
  18. Post your favorite quotes
  19. Post videos that are interesting
  20. Have someone else write a guest post for your blog
  21. Write a debate and post it to your site – point, counterpoint
  22. Answer reader questions or comments from previous blog posts
  23. Use the Google AdWords External Keyword tool (search for it) to see what people search for most frequently
  24. Use Google alerts to get notices about new topics and discussions in your industry
  25. Publish an in depth case study on a specific topic
  26. Look at your competitors blog topics (even if you are only competing with other music blogs!)
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Coalition Technologies Basketball Team

A bunch of guys at our company decided to play on a basketball team for the winter season here.  We have 7 team members: Kenny, myself, Michael, Justin, Hugo, Michael M., and Zack.  Our first game yesterday was against a good team made up of veteran LA ballers versus us – the computer geeks.  We didn’t fair so well and got beat 35-60.  … read more “Coalition Technologies Basketball Team”

I Hate The University of Notre Dame Football

The University of Notre Dame football program has been massively overrated for years. They play weak sauce football teams mostly and get beat up on every time they play a legit team.  Alabama dominated the national championship game and it was over from half time on with a score at that point of 28-0.  I never want to see Notre Dame in a BCS game again.

BigCommerce Designers and Developers

Bigcommerce Designers

BigCommerce is relatively new to the world of eCommerce platforms, but in just over 3 years, the company has risen to become one of the biggest powerhouses in the shopping cart industry. As a certified BigCommerce partner, I have worked with every aspect of the platform, from design, to development, to marketing, to search engine optimization (SEO), and I can personally attest to the fact that BigCommerce is the real deal.… read more “BigCommerce Designers and Developers”