Designing an eCommerce Site for SEO

When most people design, or even imagine designing, an eCommerce website, they typically consider what type of product they are going to sell and what the site will look like. What most people don’t consider, or consider too late in the process, is how SEO for eCommerce websites should be utilized to drive traffic and increase sales.

Solid Design

Whether you’re a startup, an established brick and mortar company looking to create an online sales presence, or just want to revamp your existing site, you need to design your website with SEO as a central component from the very start. SEO isn’t some magic bandage you slap on your site that simply increases traffic and profits. Indeed, SEO for eCommerce websites should inform the framework of your entire site, from start to finish.

A Strong Blueprint

Let’s face it, SEO is a little complicated. At its most basic, it’s what moves your site up in search engine listings, but the manner in which content is mined for this info is anything but simple. When eCommerce sites are created without SEO optimization in mind, they can become a jumble of duplicated content, fuzzy hierarchy, and sloppy information. This means your site is missing out on valuable page clicks, which also means you’re missing out on sales.

On the other hand, when web designers, SEO consultants, and information architects are working together, your eCommerce site will be more effective and expertly optimized to increase your listing rank, drive more traffic to your site, and increase your sales and profit probabilities.

A Good Crawl

This whole process begins with indexable content. Search engines need to be able to see your content in order to rank and list your site. What customers see often differs from what search engines see. You want to ensure that your most valuable content is visible in HTML and CSS so it can be read by search engines. Not all text and images are visible to search engines. By combining web fonts, HTML, and CSS together you can present your customer with a visually pleasing site that search engines are able crawl for keywords.


A fundamental aspect of SEO for eCommerce websites is keyword usage. Keywords form the foundation of how search engines, like Google, work. Search engines don’t crawl entire pages, they look for and index specific keywords. By researching and analyzing the keywords most applicable to your eCommerce site and your business needs, you can optimize your SEO campaign to ensure your site is ranked high in search engine queries. Keywords should be specific and relevant to your site and product. What’s more, your keywords should be used naturally within the flow of your content. Forcing keywords into content can actually hinder your search results.

We Can Help You Design Your Site

Designing and implementing SEO for eCommerce websites doesn’t have to be a guessing game. In fact, a well-designed and properly implemented SEO strategy can help you take your business to the next level. Contact Coalition Technologies to discuss SEO strategy and design for your eCommerce site.

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Joel Gross

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