Understanding the Types of Amazon Ads

Amazon: it isn’t just where you go to find paper towels in bulk or a gift for your nephew who’s really into obscure Icelandic music. It’s also an incredible place to advertise your eCommerce site. That’s because Amazon is the largest Internet sales company in America. In other words, it’s where America goes to shop. That’s because it carries everything from A to Z; it’s even in their logo.

That also means it’s a great place to advertise your product or even your external eCommerce site. The first thing to know about advertising on Amazon is that there are a few different types of Amazon ads available.

Amazon Product Ads

Amazon Product Ads drive qualified traffic to your site. This means that customers who are actively searching for products on Amazon will be directed from Amazon to your website. This gives Amazon customers the peace of mind of shopping with a partner of a highly trusted company. It also gives you access to a much larger customer base that is searching for pretty much everything under the sun.

-photo-7This is one of the types of Amazon ads that is perfect for those who already have an existing eCommerce site and don’t want to, or possibly can’t, list their product on the Amazon Marketplace. Amazon Product Ads operate on a cost per click (CPC) charge. As with most CPC or PPC formats, you are even able to increase your bid for higher listing options.

Amazon Local

Amazon Local is one of the types of Amazon ads that is great for companies that operate primarily from a traditional brick and mortar location, but want the increased exposure and customer base that a massive online entity like Amazon can offer.

Amazon Local operates similarly to other online coupon-based companies like Groupon. Merchants offer a deal that can be redeemed at their physical location. Amazon uses its massive database of local customers and emails everyone in the merchant’s area. Customers purchase the deal through Amazon and the merchant pays a fee for every customer that buys.

This is an excellent way for businesses to increase their reach. The cooperative promotion between a highly regarded company like Amazon offers instant credibility for your business. Plus you’re able to access literally millions of new and active customers.

Amazon Display Ads

This is one of the more flexible types of Amazon ads. That’s because Amazon Display Ads can be featured across a wide range of sites and formats. Amazon has an enormous and detailed customer database. They start with the customer, and what they want, and cater ads to each client.

These type of ads can be displayed on desktop and mobile sites, and apps. What’s more is that Amazon can place these ads on all the different sites they own and operate, like the Amazon Marketplace, on Kindles, and even on sites like IMDB.

Discover the Amazon

Amazon is a valuable resource for your eCommerce marketing because it offers numerous opportunities for advertising. Its diverse and loyal customer base ensures that you can find the right audience for your product. Coalition Technologies can help you implement and manage a successful Amazon advertising campaign. Contact us today to discuss your needs and goals.

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