Glassdoor Reputation Management

You care about your company. After all, it’s not just how you make a living; it’s what you do. You spend so much time and energy to provide above-and-beyond customer service to ensure that your consumers have a great experience. That means taking the time to understand negative experiences, learn from them, and implement changes to make sure they don’t occur again.… read more “Glassdoor Reputation Management”

How to Handle Glassdoor Negative Reviews

Reputation management is an aspect of social media that has been slowly building the past few years. Websites like Yelp and Glassdoor let both customers and employees put their two cents about your company onto the ever-visible world wide web. For the most part, these reviews and comments are positive, but negative reviews are the ones that really stick out.… read more “How to Handle Glassdoor Negative Reviews”

Best Stand Up Comedy

Life is filled with pretty serious stuff. Wars, illness, the environment, daily commutes, relationships. The stress of modern life can build up. Give your mind a break with some of the best stand up comedy out there. Comedians turn the serious aspects of life into a hilarious respite from worry. They say the things the rest of us can’t, or shouldn’t.… read more “Best Stand Up Comedy”

Best Chrome Extensions of 2014

google-chrome-settingsIf you use the Chrome browser, you know just how functional and seamless the extensions can be. They increase your productivity and give you a better web browsing experience. Here are a few of the best Chrome extensions of 2014, in this author’s opinion.

Define It

Useful extensions do not have to be complicated. The Google Dictionary extension gives you fast definitions of words right from your web browser.… read more “Best Chrome Extensions of 2014”