Glassdoor Reputation Management

You care about your company. After all, it’s not just how you make a living; it’s what you do. You spend so much time and energy to provide above-and-beyond customer service to ensure that your consumers have a great experience. That means taking the time to understand negative experiences, learn from them, and implement changes to make sure they don’t occur again.

A Sterling Reputation

By providing great customer experience, you also help improve your company’s reputation with your direct clients and customers. This isn’t the only reputation your company has, however. Glassdoor reputation management helps you learn from and understand your reputation among your employees, as well.

The World Is a Water Cooler

You might be asking yourself just why you would need this service. The answer is quite simple. People talk about where they work and where they used to work. They talk about it at parties, at their new job, and they talk about it online—a lot. They post about their jobs on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and they very often don’t hold back any punches.

The Negatives

The fact is, other people listen to those stories and they most definitely read those posts and reviews. Negative reviews about working for a company can be just as damaging as negative reviews from consumers. If your current or former employees have negative feelings regarding working at your company, how can you get effective and competitive new hires who would help improve your business?

Glassdoor reputation management helps you manage and protect your reputation as an employer. Websites like Glassdoor are where employees go to review their employers, and prospective applicants most definitely read reviews on these sites.

A Valuable Resource

Sites like Glassdoor shouldn’t be thought of only as a place where employees go to gripe about their jobs. They are a valuable resource for you, as well. When you sign up for an account, you will have access to all the reviews posted by your employees. This account gives you access to the of metrics about reviews and reviewers and also lets you respond directly to current employees, past employees, and interviewees who have left feedback.

You Can Handle the Truth

Another aspect of Glassdoor reputation management that is so useful is the anonymity of postings. Reviews by employees are anonymous. This gives reviewers the peace of mind to say exactly what they want. This unfettered honesty will give you a real glimpse into the minds of your staff, letting you know where changes need to be implemented and how to best recruit new employees.

Reputation management sites create a community of sharing. Using and understanding these sites can help you create a more positive work environment. They aren’t just a tedious obstacle to overcome. Absorbing the complaints listed on Glassdoor can lead to a more satisfied and productive staff, which allows better, more qualified job applicants, which ultimately leads to a the best consumer experience possible. This, of course, makes your business a much more rounded and healthy company.

Coalition Technologies Can Help

If you’re ready to take your Glassdoor reputation management to the next level, then you need to call Coalition Technologies today. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will ensure your online reputation is sterling. Contact us now!


How to Handle Glassdoor Negative Reviews

Reputation management is an aspect of social media that has been slowly building the past few years. Websites like Yelp and Glassdoor let both customers and employees put their two cents about your company onto the ever-visible world wide web. For the most part, these reviews and comments are positive, but negative reviews are the ones that really stick out. You can have 100 positive reviews, but those few negative ones really jump off the page.

Glassdoor logoKnow Your Rep

Understanding your online reputation, learning from it, and implementing changes is what reputation management is all about. At Coalition Technologies, we have the experience and expertise to manage and minimize your Glassdoor negative reviews.

As a company, your online reputation really does matter. That’s because the web is where just about everyone goes to find information these days. When people research things online, they don’t stop after visiting your official website, they also read online review sites like Yelp or Glassdoor. They trust these sites because they feel they are less biased than an official site.

What People Think Matters

Because people like hearing about the experiences of others more than they want to hear your expertly crafted sales pitch, they’re going to read those review sites and they’re also going to pay attention to what they say. When you have a Glassdoor negative review from former or current employees, prospective applicants are less likely to submit their resumes. When you have negative reviews from consumers on sites like Yelp, customers are less likely to purchase your goods or services.

How to Manage It

Reputation management is about knowing when and how to respond to these comments and reviews. Some Glassdoor negative reviews should simply be left alone. Disgruntled former employees or interviewees who didn’t get a job might leave reviews that are very obvious fabrications. These reviews don’t deserve your attention. However, there are quite a few kinds of negative reviews that do deserve a response.

When to Respond

At Coalition Technologies, we help manage online reputations. We know when and how to respond to negative reviews. There are times you’ll need to genuinely make amends. When a mistake or bad customer service experience happens, you will want to set it right. Similarly, when facts are manipulated or downright misstated, you have a right to defend yourself. Personal reviews that are not at all professional do not require a response. We can help you sort out which reviews necessitate a response and which should be plain avoided.

How to Respond

We also know how to respond to Glassdoor negative reviews. The first step is to truly listen to the feedback so that you can understand the root of the problem. By listening without reacting, you can address issues that others might also have. After listening and reflecting, you’ll want to honestly engage with people and set things right so whatever prompted the negative review can be remedied.

Let Us Help

Reputation management is a vitally important aspect of running your company. Consumers and employees have a powerful advocate in online review sites like Yelp and Glassdoor. These sites provide an outlet for individuals to honestly detail their experiences. These experiences can influence whether others will seek out your services or seek out employment with your company. Coalition Technologies has the knowledge and know-how to guide you through the positive management of your online reputation. What are you waiting for? Let us help you manage your reputation today!

Best Stand Up Comedy

Life is filled with pretty serious stuff. Wars, illness, the environment, daily commutes, relationships. The stress of modern life can build up. Give your mind a break with some of the best stand up comedy out there. Comedians turn the serious aspects of life into a hilarious respite from worry. They say the things the rest of us can’t, or shouldn’t. So enjoy.

Dave ChapelleLaughter is truly the best medicine, but remember some laughter is best reserved for the right time and place. These clips are definitely NSFW.

A Limo Ride

Dave Chappelle is one of those comedic geniuses that comes along once in a generation. His wit and humor feel, at once, effortless and brilliant. While his star burned so brightly that he nearly disappeared, he is, without a doubt, one of the best of all time. It makes it almost impossible to pick just one of his many incredible clips (pancakes with Prince, anyone?) but his riff on the projects is one of the best stand up comedy pieces of all time. Check it out here.

A Tom Jones Luncheon

John Mulaney is one of those comedians you recognize from somewhere but just can’t quite place it. He was a writer on Saturday Night Live and helped create the popular character Stefon. You may recognize him from his self titled TV show on Fox with Martin Short that may or may not be canceled soon. Regardless, he’s a young, fresh comedic voice who is straight up hilarious. He even makes Tom Jones funny.

Can I Get Mine to Go?

Louis C.K.Perhaps the biggest name in comedy today is Louis C.K. Almost everything he writes and performs could be considered one of the best stand up comedy bits of the year. His humor is sharp, biting, and wildly offensive. He makes it relatable, which makes his comedy so brilliant. He’s able to say things we all think and take the mundane and make it hilarious. Just like with Dave Chappelle, picking just one bit is almost impossible, so here’s one where he talks about engaging in clandestine activities with some kids in Kansas City.

Tires and Skunks

9/11 jokes are a dime a dozen with lazy shock comics. So, it takes a true comedic genius to turn the horrific events of September 11th into comedy gold. David Cross is just that genius. In this bit, he transforms the surreal atmosphere of the streets of New York City just days after that national nightmare into a bright setting. His ability to make mundane details into the hilarious centerpieces of his bits are just a small slice of his incredible talent. If Gabriel wants to rollerblade, Gabriel rollerblades.

An Impossible List

Let’s face it; there are just too many great comedians out there to compile a representative list. Regardless, these are a few of the best stand up comedy bits out there. What are your favorites?

Real Life Cheats

Cheat code for lifeIf only real life came with its own Konami Code or Game Genie. We could all have unlimited lives. While our daily lives aren’t exactly like a game of Contra, there are quite a few very useful, very handy, real life cheats out there.


Quite possibly the most useful real life cheats available is the restart. Almost any time I’m dealing with a tech issue, I turn the machine off and then on again. For instance, a few years ago, I sat down to watch an episode of Breaking Bad (live, if you can believe it) and my cable box was not working. I was freaking out!

It was a season finale and I simply had to know what was happening with Walter. I immediately called the cable company. After holding for a mere 30 minutes, the first thing the service rep told me to do was restart my cable box, which worked, of course. Never forget the valuable off-then-on-again cheat. Heisenberg will thank you for it.

It’s a Promo

We all love to shop online. It’s so easy and convenient, plus it usually saves a little money. Whenever you buy something online, there is usually an option to input a promo code and get a little discount. A simple Google search of the item or website you’re using will typically yield a usable promo code. This real life cheat can save you a few bucks every time you shop online.

Take a Cold Shower

If you’re anything like me or anybody else, you don’t like taking cold showers. But cold showers are actually pretty beneficial for you. The temperature helps wake you up and the cold can actually reduce dirt build up and blemishes. So, at the end of your shower, turn the water to cold for the last minute. This will give you the benefit of taking a cold shower without having to stand in a freezing blast of water.

Save gas moneySave Gas Money

Saving money on gas is as simple as riding a bike. This real life cheat seems a little obvious, but if you live close to your work, the bar you like to go to, or even just a grocery store, try biking instead of driving, even just once a month. This will help keep you healthy by getting you outside and exercising. It will also save you a few bucks because you aren’t using gas or putting wear and tear on your vehicle. As a bonus, you get to be a little smug with people, because, you know, you probably take the same bike to the farmers market with your reusable bags.

Watch Arrested Development

Seriously, one of the best real life cheats is listening to Carl Weathers’ advice on Arrested Development. The parody he plays of himself is rife with great advice. Whether you need a hack for buying your next car, milking the airlines for vouchers, or making a great stew, Carl knows what’s what. You’ll also get a good laugh, and that’s just good for the soul.

Life these days can be pretty complicated, so uncomplicate it with these handy real life cheats.

Psychological Hacks

Our daily lives are filled with more behavioral patterns than we realize. Quite a few of these patterns occur on a subconscious level. Here are a few psychological hacks that can tweak these habits and patterns to your advantage. Now, none of these are going to perform magic, but they can definitely make your life a little easier.

Kill ‘em with Kindness

Kill ‘em with KindnessThe first psychological hack is one of the most classic. If you find yourself in a situation where you’re communicating with an upset or angry person, don’t become a mirror of their attitude or behavior. Instead, respond with overt kindness. This one is especially useful if you’re in customer service.

If a patron is unhappy (or basically just a jerk) respond with a kind, gentle, and deliberate tone. By slowing the situation down, you can defuse a tense environment by providing space, breathing room, and kindness. This one is a classic because it almost always works. When it doesn’t work, the rude person looks like an even bigger jerk because they’re being aggressive to a reasonable person. Either way, you win.


This next psychological hack plays off of killing them with kindness. A mirror behind a counter at a bar or restaurant forces consumers to be vitally aware of themselves and the way they look while they are acting like a jerk. If you’ve ever wondered why most bars have mirrors behind the counter, this is one of the reasons.

Bartenders who are dealing with unruly or downright mean customers can simply step slightly to the side and quickly break eye contact. This forces the patron to look at their snarling faces, and hopefully shames them into acting a bit more civil. After all, if you’re grabbing a drink at a bar, life can’t be that bad.

The Sidewalk Dance

We’ve all done the sidewalk dance. You know, you’re walking down a sidewalk or hallway and an invisible tractor beam causes you and another person to practically walk into each other. You swerve left, they move right, so you move right, and they move left. It’s an odd dance, and one we’re all familiar with.

Hack the shuffle by gazing intently over the persons shoulder. This lets them know where you’re going and they’ll naturally drift towards the opposite side, letting you both pass unobstructed.

The Silent Treatment

The silent treatment is one of the greatest psychological hacks to use when you want or need more information from someone. If you think someone is being dishonest or withholding, simply ask them a direct question, maintain eye contact, and remain silent. The overwhelming silence is usually enough to force honesty or the complete story. This also works well in negotiations. Once you’ve made your case, or stated your position, you should remain silent. This gives you the power and forces the other party to a position of weakness and capitulation.

Hack Your Life

The world can be tough to navigate. Give yourself a little edge by implementing these psychological hacks. They can help you navigate tricky professional and personal situations, and make your life a little better.

Best Chrome Extensions of 2014

google-chrome-settingsIf you use the Chrome browser, you know just how functional and seamless the extensions can be. They increase your productivity and give you a better web browsing experience. Here are a few of the best Chrome extensions of 2014, in this author’s opinion.

Define It

Useful extensions do not have to be complicated. The Google Dictionary extension gives you fast definitions of words right from your web browser. You don’t need to open a new window or leave the page to view the complete definition of a word or even a phrase. What’s more, this extension also stores the history of words you’ve looked up. This is a surprisingly useful feature for when you’re trying to remember that perfect word that you just looked up but can’t quite remember where you found it.

Focus In

One of the best Chrome extensions of 2014 is StayFocused. We’ve all been there; you sit at your desk, ready to get some serious work done, and before you know it you’ve chased Alice down the rabbit hole and you’ve spent your entire morning looking at threads on Reddit, checking your Facebook, checking your email, watching a few videos on YouTube, and then checking your Facebook again.

StayFocused does just what it promises; it helps you stay focused. The extension lets you configure your settings so you can limit the time you spend on certain websites. Increase your productivity and limit the amount of time you waste.

Ready for My Closeup

Image galleries are great at displaying a large quantity of images but not so great at actually displaying decipherable images. Hover Zoom enlarges thumbnails simply by, you guessed it, hovering your mouse cursor over the image. You don’t need to go through the process of clicking, loading a new page, looking, going back to the thumbnail page, and repeating.

This can be an extremely tedious process. If you’ve ever searched through a Flickr page looking for that one specific image, or spent any time on Reddit, you know just how useful this extension can be. That’s why it’s one of the best Chrome extensions of 2014.

I’ve Been Saved

It’s happened to us all. You spend an hour crafting the perfect comment, or filling out a long form. You hit send and something goes wrong. There’s an error, the form doesn’t go through, or there’s a network crash. When you click the back button your well-crafted retort is gone. The Chrome extension Lazarus: Form Recovery saves everything you type. This way, when you lose that expertly crafted response on a Doctor Who board, you know your scathing, true words are safe.

Get Yours Now

It’s amazing how seamless web browsing can be these days. These are some of the best Chrome extensions of 2014, but there are so many more. Chrome extensions make surfing the web and productivity much easier and a little more fun too.

Social Media Cheat Sheet

Social media: it’s a phrase that seems to be everywhere these days. But what is it, exactly? And, more importantly, what can it do for you? My experience as a founder of Coalition Technologies, a content marketing company, has taught me to put social media to work for you. My social media cheat sheet will let you know what social media does best and what it can do for you.

Facebook IconWhat Is Social Media?

Social media is an umbrella phrase regarding how people and groups communicate and interact online. It’s called “social media” because it’s just that, social. Its very nature is to engage users. It is communicative and interactive, drawing people in to connect with other individuals or groups. It’s fun and can have a significant influence on a business. Keep reading my social media cheat sheet to find out why your company needs an online presence.

Why Do I Need It?

You may be asking yourself, why would I use social media for my business? The answer is quite simple: social media helps build and maintain relationships. While relationships might not balance your ledger sheet, they will create a consumer experience that is so much more than a simple purchase. Well planned and properly executed social media campaigns create consumer loyalty and customer advocacy. That means that customers not only utilize your services, they talk about them as well. It harnesses the ever-elusive power of word of mouth advertising.

The most obvious reason you need to employ social media in your branding is that people are online more than ever. With the explosion of smartphone usage and the ease of use, you simply must have an online presence if you wish to do business in our current and future culture.

Data, Data, Data

Social media doesn’t just help you grow and maintain your customer base, it also helps your business collect vital data. Perhaps the most useful aspect of a social media campaign is the data you will collect. The metrics you can collect on followers, like their digital engagement, when they’re most active, and click-through rates, will give you a more thorough understanding of your customer base, their patterns, and how you can better serve them. You don’t need a social media cheat sheet to tell you how important that data can be.

Twitter IconWhere Do I Start?

The first thing you’ll need to identify is your objectives and goals for your social media campaign. Will you be creating viral content to be shared across social media platforms? Will you be creating your own location, blog, website, app, for your customers to engage with? Finally, what do you want your business to gain from social media usage?

A Target

Next, you’ll want to identify your target audience. Based on your target audience, you’ll need to identify your chosen social media outlet. If you want to target young women, for example, and have them share images of your brand or merchandise, you’ll most likely want to create a campaign that is located on Pinterest. My social media cheat sheet can’t tell you exactly how to identify and communicate with your target audience, but we can at Coalition Technologies

An Online Advocate

I started Coalition Technologies because I have a passion for communication, technology, and social media. We have the experience and expertise to craft a social media platform specifically for you, your company, and your needs. Contact us today to find out more.