Glassdoor Reputation Management

You care about your company. After all, it’s not just how you make a living; it’s what you do. You spend so much time and energy to provide above-and-beyond customer service to ensure that your consumers have a great experience. That means taking the time to understand negative experiences, learn from them, and implement changes to make sure they don’t occur again.

A Sterling Reputation

By providing great customer experience, you also help improve your company’s reputation with your direct clients and customers. This isn’t the only reputation your company has, however. Glassdoor reputation management helps you learn from and understand your reputation among your employees, as well.

The World Is a Water Cooler

You might be asking yourself just why you would need this service. The answer is quite simple. People talk about where they work and where they used to work. They talk about it at parties, at their new job, and they talk about it online—a lot. They post about their jobs on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and they very often don’t hold back any punches.

The Negatives

The fact is, other people listen to those stories and they most definitely read those posts and reviews. Negative reviews about working for a company can be just as damaging as negative reviews from consumers. If your current or former employees have negative feelings regarding working at your company, how can you get effective and competitive new hires who would help improve your business?

Glassdoor reputation management helps you manage and protect your reputation as an employer. Websites like Glassdoor are where employees go to review their employers, and prospective applicants most definitely read reviews on these sites.

A Valuable Resource

Sites like Glassdoor shouldn’t be thought of only as a place where employees go to gripe about their jobs. They are a valuable resource for you, as well. When you sign up for an account, you will have access to all the reviews posted by your employees. This account gives you access to the of metrics about reviews and reviewers and also lets you respond directly to current employees, past employees, and interviewees who have left feedback.

You Can Handle the Truth

Another aspect of Glassdoor reputation management that is so useful is the anonymity of postings. Reviews by employees are anonymous. This gives reviewers the peace of mind to say exactly what they want. This unfettered honesty will give you a real glimpse into the minds of your staff, letting you know where changes need to be implemented and how to best recruit new employees.

Reputation management sites create a community of sharing. Using and understanding these sites can help you create a more positive work environment. They aren’t just a tedious obstacle to overcome. Absorbing the complaints listed on Glassdoor can lead to a more satisfied and productive staff, which allows better, more qualified job applicants, which ultimately leads to a the best consumer experience possible. This, of course, makes your business a much more rounded and healthy company.

Coalition Technologies Can Help

If you’re ready to take your Glassdoor reputation management to the next level, then you need to call Coalition Technologies today. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will ensure your online reputation is sterling. Contact us now!


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