Real Life Cheats

Cheat code for lifeIf only real life came with its own Konami Code or Game Genie. We could all have unlimited lives. While our daily lives aren’t exactly like a game of Contra, there are quite a few very useful, very handy, real life cheats out there.


Quite possibly the most useful real life cheats available is the restart. Almost any time I’m dealing with a tech issue, I turn the machine off and then on again. For instance, a few years ago, I sat down to watch an episode of Breaking Bad (live, if you can believe it) and my cable box was not working. I was freaking out!

It was a season finale and I simply had to know what was happening with Walter. I immediately called the cable company. After holding for a mere 30 minutes, the first thing the service rep told me to do was restart my cable box, which worked, of course. Never forget the valuable off-then-on-again cheat. Heisenberg will thank you for it.

It’s a Promo

We all love to shop online. It’s so easy and convenient, plus it usually saves a little money. Whenever you buy something online, there is usually an option to input a promo code and get a little discount. A simple Google search of the item or website you’re using will typically yield a usable promo code. This real life cheat can save you a few bucks every time you shop online.

Take a Cold Shower

If you’re anything like me or anybody else, you don’t like taking cold showers. But cold showers are actually pretty beneficial for you. The temperature helps wake you up and the cold can actually reduce dirt build up and blemishes. So, at the end of your shower, turn the water to cold for the last minute. This will give you the benefit of taking a cold shower without having to stand in a freezing blast of water.

Save gas moneySave Gas Money

Saving money on gas is as simple as riding a bike. This real life cheat seems a little obvious, but if you live close to your work, the bar you like to go to, or even just a grocery store, try biking instead of driving, even just once a month. This will help keep you healthy by getting you outside and exercising. It will also save you a few bucks because you aren’t using gas or putting wear and tear on your vehicle. As a bonus, you get to be a little smug with people, because, you know, you probably take the same bike to the farmers market with your reusable bags.

Watch Arrested Development

Seriously, one of the best real life cheats is listening to Carl Weathers’ advice on Arrested Development. The parody he plays of himself is rife with great advice. Whether you need a hack for buying your next car, milking the airlines for vouchers, or making a great stew, Carl knows what’s what. You’ll also get a good laugh, and that’s just good for the soul.

Life these days can be pretty complicated, so uncomplicate it with these handy real life cheats.

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