Regaining My Health

I had a serious knee injury on June 2nd. I was in the hospital until June 16. I started gimping along without crutches a little around June 25, and walking a little again by July 1st and got my stitches out around then.

I started to run shortly thereafter and have been improving my pace since then, here is a sampling:

  • July 23 – 1.6 miles in 22 minutes (fastest mile 12:52)
  • July 31 – 4.5 miles in 44 minutes (fastest mile 11:06)
  • Aug 18 – 4 miles in 44 minutes (fastest mile 10:07)
  • Sept 5 – 4 miles in 44 minutes (fastest mile 9:27)
  • Sept 15 – 4 miles in 39 minutes (fastest mile 8:37)

My goal for this year was to reach a 6:00 mile pace by the end of it in outdoor running. I am still hoping I will be able to reach this milestone!

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.