Golf today… How to draw vs fade

I’m playing out at Heartwell today. I think I am starting to figure out how to shape my shots. To draw, have the face more inwards and the path in to out. To fade have the face outwards and the path out to in. I can draw better with a grip rotated clockwise, the ball back in my stance, and by shifting weight towards my heels in my backswing. I can fade by moving the ball up in my stance, rotate my grip counterclockwise, and lean forward into my toes during my backswing. Now I just have to do that 20,000 more times to get some consistency and accuracy lol.

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  1. I apologize for leaving this comment here. Please remove/delete if you’d rather it not be public. I came across your blog entry, “Randall Gross: A Profile in Cowardice” when searching for “Spanaway Assembly of God”. I commend your courage. I also feel compelled to leave a few words about what I just read.

    I do not know what your relationship is with your father today, (since it’s been nearly 11 years since you blogged about him), but I want to thank you for putting the truth out there. I knew your father when he was a pastor at that church and he was an absolute slimeball. Rumors constantly circulated about him having an affair with one of the teachers and/or church office employees. By the time an internal investigation was taking place to look into the allegations, I was ready to pull my daughter out of that school after 2 years of endless drama that was affecting church members and school families. I was fed up with the dishonesty, blatant hypocrisy and constant ridiculousness of his pretense to be a “man of God”. He is one of the reasons I will not join any church.

    I don’t remember much about your mom except being told by employees of the school that she was high a lot. Often I saw her pull into the parking lot in a designer dress and often I overheard her loudly argue with your dad… then they would turn on their smiles when people walked by. It’s been 26 years and I still shake my head when I drive past the building that was formerly Spanaway Assembly of God.

    I wasn’t the only one who left that place for the better. Many church and school members learned the truth about (the former) Pastor Randy Gross (and his wife) and left in disgust as well. He failed at being a husband, father, pastor and decent human being. He enabled the wrong moral standards and was the door mat for people he wanted to please. He tried to cover up a church scandal and got caught. People talked about it openly….especially the employees who had quit their jobs.

    I am sorry you were abused by him. I am sorry your childhood is dotted with pain. But like a phoenix….we rise, right? What I’ve learned in my life’s experiences is that we are our own spiritual leaders and we can create our own happiness. Keeping toxic people out of our lives is a way to protect our hopes, dreams and reality. As long as we find a way to live past the pain, we have a chance to make our lives better… make it how and what we want it to be. We learn to be our own salvation and in doing that… we gain perspective and strength. Thank you for being brave and honest. I hope life is good for you today.

    1. Thank you for sharing! This is interesting. You should leave this comment and maybe expand further upon it on the actual profile of him if you wish.

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