Morning Religious Debate

I believe in only looking at the real world evidence in order to determine life philosophies and how best to live life… Not following your chakra or cult leader or book or pastor or what the crystals tell you.

There is a vast difference between real world peer reviewed research and the random and self admittedly not evidence based ideas of the millions of charlatan mystics out there.

I can read the research methodology myself and think if it makes sense… Or I could simply repeat the experiment. The device you are using is based on heavily researched science. It might seem like magic, but you can understand every single part of it if you wish and many people do.

Yes, but you can find out about that sort of stuff and debunk and disregard it, and no one calls you a heretic for not blindly believing it

And the vast majority of science is real… But it’s not what you read about in the popular science garbage news articles. It’s basic math research or geology or electromagnetic stuff…

Or it’s articles like the Harvard study I shared recently where the researchers followed hundreds of people for their whole lives and reported on what made them happy. Not smoking was most important, and not drinking was huge too.

The whole point of the Bible is that you are supposed to believe on faith (blind trust) in a bunch of miracles (magic) with zero evidence.

The vast majority of pastors are unscrupulous scammers using false promises to collect money from the gullible indoctrinated. You can recognize it in multilevel marketing or other snake oil scheme’s, but it’s hard and embarrassing to have the sunlight shine on an area you’ve been conned.

I remember going to the Puyallup fair as a nine year old boy and having twenty bucks. I was going to spend it on candy or rides, but in the marketing products hall there was a very good huckster selling shamwows. I was entranced by his presentation of how this towel could be used to clean up anything. I bought one. In the car ride on the way home, I began to question my decision. But human nature made me defensive. I got home and a couple of days later used these magic towels to wash the car and they performed worse than regular towels. I didn’t want to admit my mistake because no one ever wants to do that. But over time I saw I had been made a fool of. Don’t let your pride or tradition make you a fool.

The definition of faith is believing in something without evidence or in the face of contradictory evidence.

Shamwow is something you can relate to and say “boy Joel that was a mistake”. I realized years ago religious beliefs are the same thing but on a vast and systematic scale. But just because everyone believes the world is flat does not make it true.

Be brave and think critically about the beliefs you have been indoctrinated in since childhood. Having courage to face them and evaluate them in the light of day and follow the evidence will make your life enormously happier and more free.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.