Golf Club Official Fittings – Waste of Money IMO

In my opinion, golf club official fittings are mostly a waste of money. I think that they are a way to push expensive clubs on golfers that they don’t really need.

I am a fairly new golfer and have tried a few fittings. Here is the results:

  • Titleist did a free fitting of their clubs. They said I should have 1 degree upright lie, and 0.5 – 1 inch length extension on the irons. They recommended an oversized grip. They don’t say what flex.
  • Cool Clubs – I did their beginner fitting for $200. Their guy spent a couple of hours with me which I appreciated. What I did not like was his strong recommendations of certain club shafts and heads after only hitting a ball 1-3 times with each. I am new enough that I don’t hit consistently so what I chose would be fairly random. I will say that I did think the shaft he recommended was good for the irons. The total package recommended was $4,000 which is absolutely ridiculous.
  • Roger Dunn’s – I worked with some of their people and found them to be very hit or miss. One person was totally incompetent, while another guy had 50 years golf experience and some great advice.

I eventually decided the best way to pick a club is to go to a golf warehouse like Roger Dunn’s, go to their used clubs and pick out 3-5 different models of the same club you are interested in and hit them all 10-15 x apiece. Basically do a competition between them and narrow them down to the club you hit best. Go through all your clubs this way till you have a set. I ended up going with a Driver, 3 wood, 2 hybrid (I tried this compared to 5 woods and 3 hybrids as well and this was best), 4-Pitching wedge irons, then added a 50 degree and a 56 degree wedge. I also bought a putter on Amazon that I like. Total cost – $650 (was $550 but I added a $100 wedge… probably dumb of me).

If you REALLY want to save money, go to the golf warehouse and hit every club you are interested in, then buy it on ebay for half the price. I probably could have got the set above for $400 if I had done that.

Final note – my golf instructor (a very talented and very experienced golfer) said all the talk of technology in golf clubs is bullshit. They just adjust the club lofts each year to make  you think you hit them further when in reality your 5 iron today is just a 4 iron from 10 years ago.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.