Google Project Fi Discount Link Code- Best Cell Phone Provider

I am a HUGE fan of Google’s new Project Fi. I wanted to share my discount link that will give people who sign up a $20 credit (and I get one too, but $20 makes zero difference to me).

I have never referred people to my previous cell phone providers (Verizon and AT&T) because I hated them. I constantly got scammy overcharges from them and their customer service was terrible.

Google Fi is less than HALF the price I was paying for Verizon and works much better. My last bill from Verizon three months ago was for $130 for unlimited calls and text and only a few gigabytes of data. My last bill from Google Project Fi was $53 (unlimited calls and texts for $20, and 2.5 GB at $10 per GB).

I am using the Google Pixel 2XL phone which is the best phone I have ever had by far as well. The Samsung S8 had tons of bloatware crap on it, especially their useless Bixby assistant that every time you held the phone you would accidentally touch the button and this annoying AI would start up.

My phone service is perfect, the phone will make calls on Wifi, and my price is less than half what I used to pay. Awesome.


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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.