Daily Tracking Of My Life Rockets Goals Ahead

I am the owner of a successful and profitable company with 60+ full time employees, am in good shape physically, and have maintained strong relationships with my family and friends. How have I been able to accomplish my goals? Through daily progress tracking on things that are most important to me. Here is a partial screenshot for the last view days:


I have been tracking in a spreadsheet on Google Docs my goals daily since January 11, 2012. Nearly three and a half years later, here is what I have learned from tracking progress

  1. Tracking activities that are important to you each day leads to you achieving your goals quickly.  This happens even if you don’t consciously set a goal.  For example, just writing down something each day keeps it at the top of your mind.
  2. If you set conscious goals, it can be very discouraging and cause you to quit working towards them if you have a bad day. You feel guilty and bad, and those bad feelings can actually make it harder to start again. Simply writing down your progress is a non-judgmental activity that keeps your goals at the top of your mind.
  3. Don’t track too many things or it becomes a chore to maintain it. Your spreadsheet should take no more than 5 minutes to update.
  4. Set a daily reminder (either email or calendar) that lets you know each morning to update your sheet with data from the previous day.
  5. Use conditional formatting to highlight in green things are doing well, yellow areas that are in a warning area and red areas that not done.
  6. Only track areas that are most important to you. For me, these areas are time spent learning, my workout, if I had any alcoholic drinks, how healthy the food I ate is, if I advanced my business, what my primary task was, if I took a nap, if I wrote a blog post, how happy I was,  what my bedtime was, how I treated my fiance, what friends I talked to, and what I am grateful for.
  7. PRO TIP: I recently added the Score column that uses a formula to check if there was a score yesterday, and if there was it adds the score today to the one yesterday. Thus, each day that I do things well, my total score accumulates. If I have a bad day, it will reset to zero and I will grow it again. This encourages me to build up successful streaks.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.