Personal History

I realized yesterday that I have my personal history documented on my blog, in my gmail, and on Facebook stretching back ten years.

I read some of my ancient emails and came to see a different side to myself. I found some good, and lots of the embarrassing. Sadly I also found the bad.

The good included old dreams and ideas that have come to fruition. Earnest good intentions.

The embarrassing were emails sent that showed how immature and foolish at the time I was.

The bad was broken trust and people I’ve hurt. I feel a lot of guilt for that. Some things I had blamed others for I realized were my own fault.

I am going to try to spend a little time each day to reach back in time and take a look at myself from a different perspective. I hope this helps make me a different and better person.

I want to do good in this world before I leave it. I want to be a net positive. I want people to remember me fondly. I am recommitting myself to being a better person.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.