Who to marry

Find someone who will love you as much as your mommy and daddy. They won’t do that at first, so carefully watch their actual behavior and attitude towards their parents, their siblings, and their friends. Do they treat these people with respect and kindness? Do they only speak well of them? Someone who is rude to their mother or father will eventually treat you that way. Someone who criticizes their siblings or friends will eventually backstab you. Find people who always show up on time, who always treat their loved ones well. You don’t want a Disney princess who is unreliable and crazy for your life partner. You want someone who is always reliable and treats you well and works hard. People who cause you lots of emotional ups and downs and play games make very poor partners in the long run. The person who is always reliable will probably seem boring… and that is good. Find someone who is kind, reliable, intelligent, physically fit, and loving towards their parents, siblings, and friends.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.