North Korea Explicitly Threatening US with Nuclear Missiles

I don’t know if you have been looking at the news lately but North Korea and its inbred psychotic leader has repeatedly been threatening to nuke the United States and even publishing pictures of its “plans” to do so. Most policy experts are saying Kim Jong In is just solidifying his power… but what if the nutjob is serious?

In this case I kind of like a first strike policy. If someone is explicitly threatening you don’t ignore them; take action. Its well established that if someone is pointing a gun at you and making threats, you are perfectly within your right to self defense to pull out your own gun and kill them. A nuclear first strike might be a bad idea, but a conventional attack that decapitates their leadership seems wise.


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Joel Gross

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4 thoughts on “North Korea Explicitly Threatening US with Nuclear Missiles”

  1. That is the funniest thing ever. Speaking from experince of living in a third world country ive come to realize that crazy dictators of countries like north korea and iran are like chihuahuas. They love barking at rottweilers because they all have severe napolean complex. But they never bite because they know if they do the rottweiler will rip them into pieces and eat them for breakfast.

  2. BR – I agree with you for the most part. However Kim Jong Un is a 3rd generation inbred nutball who has never been out in the real world. He might actually believe that he is the Rottweiler and the US is the Chihuahua!!!

  3. Hahahah true but even a dumb ass dictator like him knows who to fuck with and who not to fuck with. The only possible scenario that comes to my mind is if north korea buys protection from china. I can very well imagine china pushing north korea to do something stupid on its behalf. Because obviously china cant officially declare war on the us but they might try and use north korea to fight their dirty wars, basically make them the terrorist arm of china. Much like hezbollah and iran or al qaeda and some arab countries.

  4. Hmm… that’s an interesting perspective I hadn’t thought of before. The Chinese using North Korea for dirty attacks… but why would the Chinese want to attack the US at all? We are their bank and biggest buyer, right?

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