Finding Your Company’s Voice

If you were asked to define the voice of your business, how easy would you be able to do it? My company has been providing Los Angeles branding services for years, and it never ceases to amaze me how many businesses invest heavily in their brand without giving any thought to voice. A brand without a voice is like a novel without a clear narrative; it’s the essence of how you communicate your message to the world, and yet so many still fall short.

Finding Your Company’s Voice

You know what branding entails: it’s embedded within your core mission, your marketing strategies, your public image, your logos, your tag lines and even your color schemes. Your voice is an extension of all these essential components, and finding the right voice is critical because it enables you to forge that all-important emotional connection with customers. For example, let’s assume that you’re writing marketing copy for an online clothing boutique. Before you begin writing, you must consider the audience. If you’re writing for an urban youth line, your narrative will read quite differently than if you’re writing for a designer menswear brand. If you’re looking for your company’s voice, step one is to identify your audience, and then communicate appropriately.

Using Voice to Your Advantage

Now let’s take this core concept to its logical next step. When we hear the word “voice,” we obviously think of verbal and written communication, but voice transcends words. To refer back to the previous example, let’s say that you’re designing a logo for your boutique. If designing for an urban clothing line, you might us block letters, graffiti and flashy designs to appeal to your youthful target audience. On the other hand, a designer menswear brand would require a logo with more sophistication and subtlety. Everything from the color to the font is a reflection of your voice. When you know your audience inside and out, maintaining the right voice becomes much easier. As a Los Angeles branding services company, we know how to use voice to your company’s optimal advantage.

Additional Tips

Remember, voice is all about communication, and communication happens on many levels. From your words to your images to your designs to even your marketing decisions (for instance, you wouldn’t advertise graphic t-shirts on a website that targets middle-aged consumers), everything must be approached with voice in mind.

Find Your Voice with Los Angeles Branding Services from Coalition Technologies

If you’re struggling to find your voice, or if your branding just isn’t having the impact you’re looking for, I would like to help. Call Coalition Technologies at (877) 989-7187 for a free quote. Tell us about your business, and we’ll help you to put together a rock solid Los Angeles branding services plan that utilizes your voice in the most effective ways possible, for maximized traffic and revenue. You have a voice; now let it be heard.


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