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Penguins are majestic, docile creatures that touch our hearts with their unspeakable beauty and unparalleled grace of movement. But Google Penguin is a fierce, horrifying beast which crushes our souls with its merciless wrath and and unforgiving nature. It’s not much of a stretch to suspect that Google Penguin was named after the cruel and cunning criminal from the Batman saga, because if your website has fallen prey to this villainous search engine algorithm, you understand firsthand just how unfair the Gotham City of CyberSpace can actually be. I started Coalition Technologies over 5 years ago in order to help businesses to rise above these very hurdles, and since its inception, my company has worked miracles in restoring the rankings and reputations of leading companies the world over.

The Penguin is Up to His Old Tricks

For those unaware, Google Penguin refers to a series of algorithm updates that served to penalize websites which engage in practices contrary to Google’s Terms of Use, particularly questionable linking practices. First unveiled on April 24, 2012, Google Penguin caught many businesses and webmasters by surprise, and many are still struggling to repair the damage. Whereas the previous and corresponding series of algorithm updates (known as Panda) focused on user experience, Penguin zeroed in on blackhat SEO manipulation. In other words, if you try to bolster your search engine rankings with unnatural linking practices, you just might become the Penguin’s next victim.

The Hummingbird Connection 

To complicate matters even more, Google enhanced its link penalty campaign with the Hummingbird algorithm change. The reason I mention this is because many people think they’re dealing with a Penguin penalty when in fact they have fallen victim to the Hummingbird-era Manual Spam Action, whereby a manual Google review results in a devastating Google de-indexing purge. “The Hummingbird” might not sound like the name of a dastardly comic book villain, but in the world of SEO, the Hummingbird is far more nefarious than the Penguin. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to determine the source of individual Google penalties, since there are multiple possibilities. If you want to turn the tide and restore your rankings, you need to not only determine the motivation behind your traffic drop, but also the solution.

Don’t Fight the Battle Alone

Whether your site is suffering due to a Google Penguin Penalty, a Hummingbird penalty or even a Panda penalty, Coalition Technologies can help. Call us for a free quote at (877) 989-7187 and we’ll share with you our processes, our history and our success stories, and we’ll lay out a plan to resurrect your business from the digital ashes. We know what it takes to determine the root cause and forge the ideal solution, and we look forward to working with you. Call us today.

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