Life is Good

I think many people let themselves be constantly stressed out or wishing things were different. If you compare even the worst off people’s lives today to the lives of the best off humans of 50,000 years ago, things are enormously better. Most people now have no problem getting food, shelter, water, and the majority have security from physical harms.

Tackling Hard Tasks

I have been working on a seemingly endless list of bugs for my new recruiting application. It seems that every time I finish one, another two pop up.

Often these bugs or features are pretty enormous chunks of work and I sometimes shy away form doing them.

What I have come to realize about hard tasks I don’t want to start is that I usually have either poorly defined the work to be done or need to break it down into a series of smaller tasks.… read more “Tackling Hard Tasks”


I am very fortunate to be able to work with my brother Jordan. Jordan and I have been buddies since we were very little as we are only separated by eighteen months and he was a grade behind me all through school. I was his best man at his wedding, and he was my best man. … read more “Jordan”

5k Record Today

New 5k outdoor record at 23:58, about a 7:37 pace! Slight downhill on my route gave me an advantage. After 5k was finished, I slowed way down for the last 1.5 mi Treadmill record is a 7:18 pace, but that is a different game. Goal is a 6:00 pace for a mile.