Working Weekends And Loving It

I work most weekends on Coalition and I love it. It’s time when I get all day uninterrupted to focus in and make improvements to the business.

This last weekend I spent 14 hours on Saturday trying to learn about websockets and get them set up on Scoretask. Unfortunately, this was a failure, but it did lead me to upgrade to the latest version (5.3) of Laravel.  Sunday I spent part of the day working on a memory leak issue from the upgrade caused by Queues (I had a cronjob running every minute to process php artisan queue:work which was unnecessary), and I spent the other part of the day building a basic todo priority list.

26 hours of work in two days and got a lot done. I enjoyed the work as it felt like I was making real progress towards my goals for the business.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.