Great Internet Comment

As someone who has been involved in technology for decades, I have been saying for a long time that our technological evolution has far outstripped our social evolution. Technology continues to empower individuals at an exponential rate. These drones are easily affordable to individuals. It doesn’t take much imagination to weaponize them; especially, when we already have military grade drones in operation serving as more “Great Internet Comment”

Copy Management Software

I have yet to be able to find a good copy management software platform, so I am just going to build my own. Currently, Coalition is producing 600+ pages of high quality, unique, search optimized copy each month. We manage all of it through spreadsheets and do so fairly efficiently, however as I see the company continue to grow I think that the spreadsheets will eventually break down.… read more “Copy Management Software”

Systems Building

Building systems for a business is a lot like scientific knowledge. In science, you are constantly researching and trying to think of new good ideas and frameworks to test. Maybe you start out in biology and increase your knowledge there, but chemistry and physics remain at zero until you get around to learning and growing these areas.… read more “Systems Building”

Interesting Day Yesterday

I had a fun day yesterday (Saturday):

  • Watched several Laracast training videos on PHP
  • Worked on fixing my importer from Time Doctor to Time Tracker
  • Came up with ideas for improving my SEO team’s tracking
  • Watched Oblivion, a fun sci fi movie starring Tom Cruise
  • Finished beating Inside, a highly rated xbox one game.
  • Watched parts of the Washington Huskies football game where they blew out the Ducks 70-21.
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Preventing Burn Out When Working 7 Days a Week

How do you prevent burn out when you work 7 days a week? I generally work every day including weekends, and many days I’ll put in very long hours. This can cause physical effects like blurry eyes, sore / stiff back, lack of flexibility. It can also cause mental burn out where you struggle to get anything done productive.… read more “Preventing Burn Out When Working 7 Days a Week”

7 Years

Coalition has been in business for over 7 years now and tonight I am taking the team out to happy hour to celebrate. Building this company has been the largest project of my life so far. I work on it most days including weekends. Lots of days I put in 11-14 hours. I have dealt with many nightmares (lawsuits, bad employees, bad clients), as well as celebrated many successes (over 70 full time team members now,… read more “7 Years”

Makeup is Sexist

I saw a photo of a female CEO in the news today and she looked like a clown. Bright red lips, purple eye makeup. The weird thing is I just thought that was normal at first till I thought about it more.

Half our population is expected to cover their faces in pastes and ooze and powder, supposedly so that they can appear more attractive to the other half.… read more “Makeup is Sexist”

Universities (Especially Online) Are a Waste

I attended the University of Washington and really enjoyed my experience there. I probably enjoyed it too much: I graduated in four years with a 3.5 GPA, but most of my time was spent partying or not really doing anything at all. Perhaps you could consider that learning about life, but I think I have learned far more about life out in the working world.… read more “Universities (Especially Online) Are a Waste”