Systems Building

Building systems for a business is a lot like scientific knowledge. In science, you are constantly researching and trying to think of new good ideas and frameworks to test. Maybe you start out in biology and increase your knowledge there, but chemistry and physics remain at zero until you get around to learning and growing these areas.

I have been building systems and processes for Coalition now for 7 years. Some of my processes – like using Quickbooks Online for accounting- have been in place that entire time. Others, like Scoretask for management feedback, are pretty new.

Over time I have layered systems on top of systems, and processes on top of processes. The company has evolved and grown and gotten better because of constant improvements to our systems and processes. A simplified way to look at this is that on day one of the company our level of knowledge / capability looked like this:

  • Accounting – 0
  • SEO – 0 (no systems, just my personal abilities)
  • Legal – 0
  • Web dev – 0
  • PPC – 0
  • Sales – 0

After our first year, we looked like this:

  • Accounting – 2
  • SEO – 2
  • Legal – 1
  • Web dev – 1
  • PPC – 0
  • Sales – 2

After 3 years, we looked like this:

  • Accounting – 6
  • SEO – 7
  • Legal – 3
  • Web dev – 7
  • PPC – 3
  • Sales – 8

It’s amazingly powerful how over time fixing the problem permanently and building a process to address issues can be.

Today, Coalition has a whole wave front of processes and systems that put us far ahead of our competitors. Almost every area of the business has elite level methodologies. Our process for onboarding new clients, doing the work, are far beyond what I see elsewhere.

Just doing a little bit to improve your systems and processes each day eventually builds a tidal wave of success.

Published by

Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.