Eyealike- So You Can Marry Mom!

Just spotted an interesting new startup on TechCrunch- Eyealike. Eyealike is a company that provides video & image recognition software to dating networks. Evidently a deal with one of the majors (Match.com?) is in the works and we’ll see it soon.. But I’m wondering if anyone stopped to THINK before running full speed ahead with this eyedea (ok, ok super-cheesy, I know).

I have a feeling that all of those momma’s boys out there are going to be entering their family pictures into Eyealike. Sick I tell you. Just sick.

Personally, I think the software should be installed into a Terminator-style robot and then have photos of all those momma’s boys entered in…. much more fun, eh?

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.