World Trade Center Memorial

The bungling government has once again revealed it’s own inadequacy. A report released yesterday stated that the World Trade Center Memorial is years behind schedule and will cost billions of dollars more than originally predicted. More than a dozen different agencies all have to have their say and none of them can agree and all of them have ridiculous requests that are completely meaningless to anyone outside of the red tape bureacracy.

What would I do differently?

Sell the property to the highest bidder, with the stipulation that the new building must be twice as high as the originals. Right now, we are knuckling under to the terrorists- they wanted us to change from our capitalist system that walks around with a giant pair to a cowering ineffective government bureacracy- and they have accomplished their goals.

I would build a new World Trade Center building twice as high as the old ones and pack it full of innovative productive people. I would install an anti-missile and anti-aircraft system on the roof using the best modern technologies and would improve security to prevent van/truck bombs from coming near.

Allowing the government to manage this project was the worst decision that could possibly have been made.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.