Bruffy’s Tow in Marina Del Rey, CA

The following is, as always, my personal opinion and view of the situation.

Allow me to introduce you to Bruffy’s Tow in Marina Del Rey, CA.  The owner, Kevin Bruff , is probably the most honest tow truck operator I have run across (not that I meet that many lol).  After my car was towed twice in one week out of Venice, CA I was very unhappy and believed that there was some sort of malfeasance occurring.  I wrote an blog post about Bruff’s Tow after talking to Mr. Bruff and not resolving the situation satisfactorily.  Mr. Bruff called me back again and explained the situation more clearly and how his police impound garage works.  I believe that Bruffy’s Tow is a straightforward operation that only tows vehicles they have a clear right to tow.   No one likes being towed, but I do understand that towing is a necessary operation for a city with limited space to function well.

My problem needs to be taken up with the DOT- a giant faceless bureaucracy that I’m sure will be much more difficult to deal with than Kevin Bruff & his company.  The city did not post signage 24 hours in advance of a temporary tow zone being created and thus my car was towed.  That was not Bruffy’s Tow’s fault… they have nothing to do with the posting of signage and just come out when a parking enforcement officer lets them know. I am working on taking this to something called the “Western Adjudication Division”- but have had no responses yet.

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  1. Thanks for fighting the good fight. Bruffy’s is a gray zone, obviously contracted by the city, obviously pushing the envelope… My advise it to sell your car.

  2. There is plenty of financial incentive for the OPG to bend the rules, so don’t get all mushy over how tow companies “are your friend” (unless its AAA after you call them). When they are not “on official business”, they patrol parking lots looking for vehicles to basically steal and extort your money for its return or fraudulently convert the title and sell it to pay “tow fees”. I did not ask for you to steal my car because its on a huge parking lot for any number of legitimate reasons.
    Second, I just fought and won getting my car impounded by LADOT and PVB, who posted signs at 5am and towed everyone off the street by 0930am same day. The hearing officer found the PVB wrote the ticket wrong and dismissed, but thats not good enough, thats not the reason that myself and over 500 others were towed that morning, it was violating the law at 22651 (m) requiiring 24 hours to ELAPSE before enforcement can begin. So by intentionally writing the ticket wrong, the average person would not know it was not a 6am – mid restriction and miss it. The plot thickens and they always have a new way to scam your money, who says 24 hours is reasonable anyways, thats BS, 72 hours is reasonable, and LADOT whines about the cost, WTF? they made $125 million in tickets alone last year… Indictments and felony charges should be imposed, just like City of Bell, hmmm, have not seen any follow up lately?

  3. I completely agree with you, but why don’t we Angelenos band together then? Everyone here operates in a bubble, and if we did do a blog and then go to the City Council to be heard, maybe then we could get some action. There are several corrupt agencies here, not just one. Please respond to me and I would love to get involved. It has gottne out of control and we need to win back our dignity!!

  4. This fucker towed my car while my wife got fucked in my old house so that I couldnt catch them in the act, its the fourth time buffy towed my car for no reason.

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