Flag football Playoff Game

The team we played tonight in the first game of the playoffs had 12 players in matching jerseys; Griffith Gladiators embroidered on the front and their last names on their backs. They all had their girlfriends and other friends watching them in a big cheering section, while we just had ourselves. Our team had 8 guys (7 of which are on the field at any one time) in ragtag outfits.… read more “Flag football Playoff Game”


Some people say that money is the root of all evil. Those people are wrong. Money is simply a representation of man’s labor. Money is a tool that enables one man to create a good or service and then voluntarily trade it for another man’s good or service. A man who earns his fortune deserves it and should be proud of his virtue that is represented by the money he made.… read more “Achievement”


Once, I cheerfully awaited her constant calls. Every text message received was instantly replied to. We talked constantly from the time we woke up, till sleep hit us at night. We spent dozens of hours on the phone. Stolen lunches and nights were spent wrapped up in each others arms. Snuggling was tight and comfortable and happy.… read more “Pulling”

Flag Football Playoffs

Tonight is the first game in my flag football playoffs. My team, the Screamin’ Eagles, is 3-3 and matched up against the 5-1 Griffith Gladiators. I really want to win this game, because it is against some of the guys who were on my team this summer. Their quarterback, Chad, is a cocky man with a rifle arm (I broke my right ring finger catching one of his bullets).… read more “Flag Football Playoffs”

Halloween Part Dos: Who are these people?!

Scottie B had a big halloween party at his house by Ravenna last night that Fletcher and I attended. Fletch went as the 70’s porn star again and I also stuck with my unwholesome priest outfit. Scottie B was a hilarious looking David Bowie, complete with wig, makeup and really tight pants.

When I first arrived at the party, a “mile high club” stewardess and a slutty maid came up to me and said that they knew me.… read more “Halloween Part Dos: Who are these people?!”

King of America

I have decided that I am going to be the first King of America.

King of America will be a new branch of the government like the Presidency, Supreme Court and Legislature; only it will reside above these. Why do we need a new branch of the government you ask? Every so often someone needs to just step up and make decisions without worrying about what anyone thinks.… read more “King of America”

BCS Blows

The current methodology of ranking college football teams, the BCS standings is a travesty. A computer formula that incorporates a human poll decides which two teams play for the national championship. The problem arises when certain teams don’t play any difficult opponents and go undefeated, like Ohio State last year (which got completely blown out by Florida).… read more “BCS Blows”