BCS Blows

The current methodology of ranking college football teams, the BCS standings is a travesty. A computer formula that incorporates a human poll decides which two teams play for the national championship. The problem arises when certain teams don’t play any difficult opponents and go undefeated, like Ohio State last year (which got completely blown out by Florida). Two conferences, the Pac-10 and the SEC stand far above all the other conferences in terms of football quality and because of this the best teams in each league occasionally lose a game. This year the SEC’s best team (LSU) and the Pac-10’s best team (USC, with ASU and Oregon also making a strong argument) each have one loss. Ohio State (Big-10) and Boston College (ACC) play in pathetically weak leagues and have gone undefeated because they haven’t faced a real challenge this year. If Ohio State, the number one team in the country supposedly, played in the Pac-10 it would be lucky to be 4-3 right now. Michigan, that sorry team that got beat by a Division 2 school to start the year and crushed 39-7 by Oregon, is undefeated in the Big-10.

If Ohio State and Boston College play for the national championship, I don’t think I’m even going to bother watching it. We really need to get a playoff system set up in place for college football, so that the best team in the country proves it on the field, not by playing a bunch of crummy teams.

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Joel Gross

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