Halloween Costume

I am in need of a halloween costume. I have been trying to think of some good ideas for halloween costumes, but I can’t decide on anything. Last year, I went as Heath Ledger from Brokeback Mountain in partnership with Fletch who went as Jake Gyllenhaal. This year Fletcher is going as a 70’s porn star, so I either have to find a new costume partner or go it solo. If anyone has any ideas, please post them in the comments. Here are few of my current ideas:

Johnny Depp from Blow… But I’m not nearly pretty enough.


Priest– This guy has an awesome halloween costume… I think I may steal his idea.


Sweet, sweet ass. Who wants to see me in this outfit? I DO!!!


Facebook Profile– This looks like a fun idea.


Gimp. Fletcher wants me to go as a gimp. Kind of creepy that he would suggest such a thing to me.

gimp suit

8 Foot tall, 400 pound Sexual Beast. My evil half.

8 foot tall Beast

Robot. My good, logical half. Usually loses out in certain judgement situations to our friend above.


Giant Woman. Let my eternal she-bitch out for a night.

Enormous Woman

Football Player. Actually not a bad idea for me… It may be hard to get the outfit though.


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  1. I saw one where the man’s crotch was giant key ready to open doors for him. As an ego maniac, I found that insightful.

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