We Should Not Sell Tomorrow For Today, Nor Today for Tomorrow

I woke up in the middle of the night last night with this thought.
What do I mean by it? We should not do things today that make our future worse. We also should not sacrifice our happiness and fun today for an imagined tomorrow.

We should have a good balance of work for the future, as well as enjoying our days now.
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Scoretask Copy Management

I am buildingĀ our copy management processes into Coalition’s internal toolset named Scoretask. The copy management process is quite complex and covers everything from assigning team members to work on a client, assigning keywords to every page (keyword sitemap), writing the page copy, title tags, meta descriptions, h1s, as well as handling accounting for our copywriters and tracking SEO performance of each page of copy.… read more “Scoretask Copy Management”


Warren Buffett and Bill Gates and Steve Jobs all agree that the core element for success is focus. What is focus?

  • Focus is saying no to most things. It’s saying no to new business opportunities not in your core area, it is saying no to easy money in areas you think you can handle, it’s saying no so that you can say yes to core work that needs to be done.
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Rock climbing

I am going to go check out a new climbing gym near LAX today, Sender One’s second location. Max and I will do some leading on their super tall 80 foot walls. Hopefully our rope is long enough!

Climbing is a great sport. It’s very social, as half the time you are sitting around waiting for your arms to loosen up.… read more “Rock climbing”


I am reading Code by Charles Petzold right now. Really fascinating story of how computers work! It is not just dry technical information, Charles builds on each area really explaining and helping understand how everything works from core principles.

Copy Management System

I am building a programmatic copy management system. My team writes 500 pages of copy each month. A page of copy is a Microsoft Word document, single space, 12 point font with the entire page filled.

So we write a lot of copy.

We are planning on writing even more for our many clients in the future, so I am working with my strategists and admin team to figure this out.