One Year Sober

I made a decision a year ago to stop drinking. I did it because I did some stupid stuff I wasn’t proud of. I have found some major benefits though: my brain is operating a much higher level, I am much happier, my marriage is far stronger, and life is much more stable.

Not a Fan of Religion

Mysticism and superstition have been with humanity longer than we have had recorded history.

It’s been used to control people and force them to live in poverty so the privileged few can enjoy wealth. The Pharaoh was a god who squandered his people’s resources. The Romans had many gods but the Emperor was foremost to them.

The wealth of nation’s has been squandered for all of human history. Instead of investing wealth to discover more about science and the world, ridiculous percentages of GDP were used to construct gaudy churches and tombs for ‘god’.


I am getting more into golf and trying to practice each day. I made the mistake of Googling “How much practice do pro golfers do”… and found they generally do 7-11 hours each day. I thought my hour or two of practice was a lot!

I also watched some Youtube videos on how to putt, chip, and drive.

I will try to improve on my first score of 122 at the Virginia Country Club. Hopefully I won’t have a 50 handicap very long!

We Need a New Revolution

Our government has been subverted in America. Special interests rule us.

The American Medical Association has captured 27% of GDP for it’s members with extreme protectionism and laws preventing better healthcare options.

Patent and Copyright Law should be entirely eliminated or reduced to a Constitutionally mandated maximum of seven years. Ideas should not have owners.

Corporations over a certain size should not be allowed to merge. This just removes competition and lines of the pockets of fat cat financiers at the expense of investors.

The standing military should be limited to no more than 0.5% of GDP as our current situation creates a giant corrupt and ineffective military industrial complex.

Prisons should only be paid based on how well they rehabilitate prisoners and reduce recidivism. These probably should not be private.

No public employees should be allowed to unionize or bargain collectively. There is no counterparty to this negotiation.

White collar criminal penalties should be enforced. Thousands of people should be in prison for scams such as the 2008 financial crisis, essential oils, and other MLMs with false promises.

CEOs and Board members of public companies should be personally liable for performance of their companies.

Politicians should have a significantly higher standard for ethics and should face stiff prison sentences. There should be an independent agency that handles this.

Taxation should be on wealth, not income.