I am getting more into golf and trying to practice each day. I made the mistake of Googling “How much practice do pro golfers do”… and found they generally do 7-11 hours each day. I thought my hour or two of practice was a lot!

I also watched some Youtube videos on how to putt, chip, and drive.… read more “Golf”

We Need a New Revolution

Our government has been subverted in America. Special interests rule us.

The American Medical Association has captured 27% of GDP for it’s members with extreme protectionism and laws preventing better healthcare options.

Patent and Copyright Law should be entirely eliminated or reduced to a Constitutionally mandated maximum of seven years. Ideas should not have owners.… read more “We Need a New Revolution”

Selfhood is an Illusion

I have had a theory I have been mulling over. Selfhood is an illusion – my perspective on myself as a being separate from other people is an evolutionary advantage, but is not accurate. We are all a part of larger consciousness – just like the cells in our body give rise to something more, so too humans together give rise to corporations, nations, armies, etc.