Bad Apple* – The Pull Request

I enjoyed reading this article by a man who was canceled in social media and fired from his job. People had a knee-jerk reaction to a book he wrote in a goofy childish style to try to get laughs. They did not take into account the actual context of his book, they simply took a few lines out of it out of context and generated a whole bunch of Twitter rage. Apple, a pretty scummy company at this point in time, actually fired the man over it.

My company has a huge diversity of nationalities, religions, and every type of individual working here. If my employees launched a cancellation crusade every time they saw something they didn’t like in someone else, our company would crash and burn fast. We have employees from Pakistan and India, which have a lot of hostility to each other. We have employees who are Christian, Hindus, Islamic, among others. We have employees who are straight, gay, trans, etc. To protect everyone, we keep all of our focus on work rather than trying to browbeat people about politics or religion or anything else. All we care about is the performance of our company towards our goals.

The way to solve societal issues like systemic discrimination is to eliminate all traces of it and focus on a pure meritocracy. Attempts to use reverse discrimination are extraordinarily misguided and dangerous, and will lead to the worst kinds of backlash. We already saw that happen following world war I when the Germans were discriminated against and developed so much anger that Hitler was able to rise and bring on world war II.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.