Don’t Buy 4 Cycle Ryobi S430 Trimmer / Polesaw / Cultivator

The 4 Cycle Ryobi S430 trimmer does not have a high speed carburetor screw, only an idle screw for adjustments to idle. The Ryobi factory sets the engine to run at a very low speed when at maximum throttle, probably to comply with emission standards. This means you don’t get the power you would expect from an engine this size.… read more “Don’t Buy 4 Cycle Ryobi S430 Trimmer / Polesaw / Cultivator”

People Management 101

Focus on a fantastic plan for retention of key people.

Everybody needs hope for the future, the hope is not for more training. The hope is for more money. Lay out a plan to make more money and we will keep them long run. Don’t be greedy and try and keep extra for yourself.

We should find non-monetary forms of incentive whenever possible: being a great fun boss and good person helps, giving titles and a path forward helps, variety of work duties helps, training helps.… read more “People Management 101”