Jake Locker Not A #1 Draft Pick

I hate to say it as an alumni of UW, but Jake Locker should not be a #1 draft pick in the NFL after this season.  After his dismal performance two weeks ago at Nebraska (4 for 20 passing) and missing several wide open receivers yesterday, Jake looks more like he should be picked up in the 2nd round as a wildcat runningback.

Modern Human Errors In Selecting A Mate

People are finding mates and sticking with them at lower rates than in the past.  The misapplication of science to society is a big part of it.

Consider: As Taleb points out in his book “The Black Swan”, to consider how a billiards ball will react after the ninth impact, you actually need to know the stations of every molecule in the universe just to take into account the meaningful impact of gravity.… read more “Modern Human Errors In Selecting A Mate”