Modern Human Errors In Selecting A Mate

People are finding mates and sticking with them at lower rates than in the past.  The misapplication of science to society is a big part of it.

Consider: As Taleb points out in his book “The Black Swan”, to consider how a billiards ball will react after the ninth impact, you actually need to know the stations of every molecule in the universe just to take into account the meaningful impact of gravity.

Human interactions are far more complex and involve far more influences than just gravity and far more people than a simple pool table, yet sensationalist newspaper articles come out every day with titles like “How to Find Your Perfect Mate”.

A recent study by Ted Huston of the University of Houston that tracked many couples from before they were married through their marriage showed that it isn’t fighting that ends relationships, its a lack of love and affection.

I think chemistry between people is radically different than the conventional image espoused by entertainment media and religions.  It is much more difficult to explain.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.