Killing Animals in your Garden

In this post, I will discuss the killing of garden animals, including:

-Why kill animals in your garden?
-Alternatives to killing animals in your garden.
-How to kill animals in your garden.
-People who kill animals in their gardens
-Questions about killing animals.

Why would you want to kill poor, cute animals in your garden?

Many people have an emotional connection to fuzzy forest creatures because of childhood stories andkilling woodchuck in your garden DIsney movies that depict wonderful, brave animals consciously interacting with others.… read more “Killing Animals in your Garden”

Daylight Savings Time Kills People

Daylight Savings TimeDaylight Savings Time is a bad idea- it causes car accidents (including one that my mom got in yesterday and broke her finger).

People are almost twice as likely to get in a car accident the Monday after Daylight Savings Time moves time an hour forward. People get in car accidents an average of 840 times a day in Detroit during a month, but the Monday after Daylight Savings Time has an average of 1,397 car accidents.… read more “Daylight Savings Time Kills People”


Remember the Liger, Napoleon Dynamite’s favorite animal? The creature is actually real. In a bizarre mating of a lion and a tiger, the resulting creature lacks the genetic controls on growth hormones and can grow to be over twice the size of a lion or a tiger. Watch the video below to see a live one in captivity.… read more “Liger”